Rhinebeck 2014

Rhinebeck! Yes, we the mighty, traveled to the northern heights of New York State to suffer the likes of the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. Poor us. (wink, wink) 

Dana and I caught up with Lindsay at La Guardia, and grabbed a rental car. The rental had a “start” button that evoked major “stupid car” utterances as we headed north. The drive itself was spectacular. I know that sounds over the top and dramatic, it was! Dana, the designated driver, (forever in her debt) listened patiently to the GPS spit out directions. I took pictures “OF EVERYTHING” and Lindsay, with quick fingers; made sure the GPS was actually going where we needed to go. What a team! Curly, Larry and Moe! Lots of curls if you count Dana and me.

PicMonkey Collage 3

We wound our way to our base camp, a charming house, log cabin to be exact, that had a “retrofitted” basement to accommodate visitors. Super nice with all the amenities, we lacked for nothing. We had a few humorous moments (okay, every day) with the very complex light switch system and the door lock. The owner’s instructions were very clear, we just…well you know, didn’t follow instructions very well. Sigh.


THE FESTIVAL is held during peak fall foliage and the vistas are breathtaking. We traveled throughout the area and stopped in at several yarn stores. It was delightful to meet up with the Owner of http://www.yarnandteashop.com, in Saugerties, our home base. A must stop, http://www.sticklesvariety.com, in Rhinebeck is utterly a time machine (in a good way, don’t miss it.) They have a variety of merchandise that will carry you down memory lane and a charming Yarn Garage in the back!

PicMonkey Collage 2

Food. If you know me, you know it could all go south with the food. So, to say the food was exceptional, well THE FOOD WAS EXCEPTIONAL.  At http://www.breadalone.com, we had the most amazing baked goods and Dana had a dish involving asparagus and eggs that I failed to get a photo of, shame. Ah, then there was http://www.misslucyskitchen.com, the clear winner for dinner,

exceeding all expectations.


We arrived early to the festival grounds. We have Lindsay, be serious. We moved along relatively well and THEN IT GOT STUFFY. Hey, lots of people make a successful event. That said, we got in and out of the HUSTLE and BUSTLE at top speed. We thoroughly enjoyed resting and watching the goats be judged (and we learned a LOT.) Loads of beautiful yarn, lots of whispered profanities (too many choices!) and really nice people.


On Sunday we returned to the festival. A less hectic atmosphere, the livestock parading the grounds, the cooler weather, made this a more evenly paced day. We got Glen, my knitting buddy who graduated from CIA, in Hyde Park, on the phone and he sent us to http://thepalacediner.com, in Poughkeepsie, for lunch. Are these people serious? I don’t even know where to begin. The menu took us 30 minutes to read. We never looked back. What a place! Open 24 hours, top-notch service and AMAZING food (I am not exaggerating) you have to make this a stop. Following Glen’s lead we made our way to the CIA campus that is located on the shores of the Hudson River. We walked off our lunch (sorta) and soaked up the view. Another not to be missed.


The festival itself was an eye opening experience. I took away the clear message that we fiber nuts are not going anywhere, and are growing in numbers, post haste.

PicMonkey Collage

As to yarn additions to the shop? We met up with Lisa of Feederbrook Farms and delighted in the new colorways. We got up close and personal with Briar Rose and are working with Chris to add her beautiful yarns to our ensemble.


All in all we came home with full bags, empty pockets and lots of great memories. Perfect fall weather, winding roads, amazing food and great company made for a memorable Hudson Valley experience that I hope to repeat.