Rhinebeck 2014

Rhinebeck! Yes, we the mighty, traveled to the northern heights of New York State to suffer the likes of the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. Poor us. (wink, wink)  Dana and I caught up with Lindsay at La Guardia, and grabbed a rental car. The rental had a “start” button […]

PicMonkey Collage

Knitting Magazines

The Magazine: a media source that targets us, fills us with mostly unattainable desires, and in Zeno’s Paradox-like fashion, we probably won’t make it half way. And we just keep buying them, certain the next one will contain the answer the previous one promised.   After my last blog post […]

That’s My Bag!

It is Sunday. I promised myself that I would clean out my workbag. You know, the one I haul in and out of the shop every day. The one that contains, pretty much, my daily world. Being that it is Sunday, I have lugged home everything I can think of […]

Cat not included

New Stuff!

Hello Everyone! Happy April! The yarn has been pouring in! Cotton: Lots of requests for organic cotton, so check us out! We have the beautiful and lively CottonLicious from Sweaterkits Yarns      The Wolle’s Yarn Creations has been running out the door! I have more on order too!   […]


Marianne’s First Blog!

Sunday in October! I just love this time of year. It is so great to have the windows open, I weary of canned air. Coffee and the front porch. Maybe a boat ride. Those are my goals for the day. My dear “sister-in-law” that I kept in the divorce asked […]