Mapping skills, the lack thereof; and other ramblings.

Posted by Marianne Graves on

In an old episode of Gunsmoke I recall Marshall Dillon, gazing with wonder into a crib of newborns babies. "Triplets" he says; to which Festus replies "there's three of 'em too."

That's pretty much sums up my tech skills. I know what I am looking for, I know it is in there, I have seen it before, I just can't navigate. I have no mapping skills. I need a GPS for my brain. 

While we are building this little site around the fringes of our brick and mortar shop, we thank you for your patience. It's an uphill climb peppered with slippery slopes. But that is okay. We keep plugging along, opening doors and falling out of windows. And the nether worlds of this e-commerce beast we are cobbling together will continue to breathe and grow.

They tell me a little asthma is to be expected but some days it feels like a coronary. I have inhalers, the human kind...Special people installed to keep me breathing as we inch forward.

All this to say thank you. To all of you, my little village of very tolerant and loving people. To Sam, who never loses her cool, her mother, Sarah, for translating and generally putting up with me, to Rosa, Rob, Judy, Shari and most especially our loyal customers and friends, thank you.