Vegas, TNNA Winter 2018, Just For Fun!

Posted by Judy Mangle on

Yes! We went to a yarn show in Vegas!

When asked why we were in town eyebrows raised and the question was repeated over and over again, “did you say YARD show?,” No, Las Vegas, we said  “YARN show!”  We left a trail of heads being scratched in our wake. Uber drivers, servers, even hotel staff, were baffled, which of course made it even more fun.

We love Vegas, downtown Vegas, to be specific. The strip is a beast, but downtown is where Sinatra reigned. It is a time warp, but don’t be fooled. A quiet stroll by day turns into a rock and roll light show when the sun goes down. Zip lines fly overhead, bands play on every corner, hilarious forms of dress (and undress) all in good fun. It is Vegas, after all. I remain amazed at how clean the streets are maintained. What at first appears to be mayhem is clearly a well oiled, orchestrated machine.

But let’s get to the YARN!

The winter TNNA yarn show was held in a hotel of suites this year. A more intimate setting, the tiny living rooms provided an opportunity to take a load off…set a spell, if you will. Chatting and catching up made for an entirely different buying experience. The less hurried, more relaxed and personal touch was refreshing. I probably bought too much, but hey, I was relaxed. We loved it. 

The man in my life tagged along this year, (because Vegas, duh) and I managed to drag him to the Vegas Market Gift Show for a few hours on Sunday. A delightful and entirely different experience, pavilions full of vendors and buyers from all over the world and trays of food and wine. We left exhausted and ready for our long trek home.

Glad to be back safe and sound, we hope to see you soon. Stay tuned for new arrivals! We hit the jackpot! The Yarn Jackpot anyway.  We’ll be sharing some of our prizes with you soon!

Spring is just around the corner. Stay warm!

Love, M.